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Awesome Burberry Body Perfume Review

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  1. It a sexy perfume !

  2. @ShrinkingSusieQ its is very good…really good

  3. @KrnSniper01 …its not a cheap fragrance…its a $95 for the 2.8 oz ….its not a bad price and its really smell very good………..

  4. dangerouscurves2011

    @Riccz32 Awesome :)

  5. dangerouscurves2011

    @KrnSniper01 Everyone has different tastes… sorry you didn't like it! Weird that you got a different looking one than I did. Are you sure you got Burberry Body? Thanks for the comment!

  6. I'm a bit confused.
    I requested a sample when about a few thousand people liked it.
    I got this sample TODAY! but mine was smaller (plastic sample you described).
    Anyways, i don't dislike the fact that i got different one, because this is a cheap fragrance.
    Everyone has a different taste but this smells like a female cosmetic products (Basic foundation and lotion that typical grandmas put on).
    I won't even use this for a room fragrance.

  7. dangerouscurves2011

    @ShrinkingSusieQ I love it :)

  8. Can't wait to get my sample! I requested it when they had it on FB. You make it seem so divine!

  9. dangerouscurves2011

    @midnightmoon001 That is what I thought it was going to be.. either that or one of those little plastic vials lol… nope it's a good sized sample… I was definitely impressed!

  10. dangerouscurves2011

    @HairloungeNmore As you can see… I love it! :)

  11. dangerouscurves2011

    @journeytothinify Quite possible… I'm sure if the demand was great enough they would almost have to or they would risk losing business. Glad you are gonna get one… I love it!

  12. dangerouscurves2011

    @joyann1968 Thank you!

  13. wow! I think I requested my sample WAY before you did, but I haven't received it yet! Oh well, I'll just have to keep waiting. I can't believe that the sample is that big! I thought it would be like a postcard where you peel the thing to smell it! hahaha

  14. I just went to the Facebook page and requested a sample and it said the request was successful so maybe they restocked? I can't wait to try it!!!!!

  15. Great Review!

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