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Avril Lavigne Wild Rose Perfume Review

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  1. Are you Welsh?

  2. @FarinaFarick
    I bought for RM130 online.

  3. It is definitely my favorite perfume ever ever ever ever

  4. Just bought this! I love it!! When you first spray it, to me it smells a lot like viva la juicy. The perfume bottle is so gorgeous :)

  5. so sweet perfume …

  6. i really want this perfume and forbidden rose!!! Do u know how long this perfume lasts? Not sure if you already mentioned it in the vid or not 

  7. Slipknotsfreakshow

    I like wild rosé better. I have forbidden rise and wild rise but I prefer tht sweet scent.

  8. I love all Avril perfumes,i think Wild Rose smells amazing,and i think it is her best one :)♥

  9. I defiantly agree with you one everything, I've also tried both! Wild Rose Is more feminine and Forbidden Rose has more of an edge to it.

  10. Should I get forbidden rose or wild rose? What would people recommend?

  11. i want it where did you get the perfum from

  12. How big is the bottle?

  13. Oh yeah plus the girl who's talking is so ugly

  14. DAMM avril u say hundred of Cuse words just what the heck

  15. I hope you are reading this now and smiling:) By the way, do you wear the ring? I love it, only..my fingers are quite thin. Maybe I will hang it on my neck as a LOTR fan (which I am as well:)
    So girls, enjoy Wild Rose and be gorgeous and passionate as Avril is.. and let´s go to her concerts together or sing alout with her in our rooms, cars, karaoke shows, parties etc. luv u all…byeee;)

  16. and I can listen to her almost everytime…when I´m sad or happy, nervous or relaxed, angry or romantic..I mean, she seems to be a singer with a huge scale of songs for various moods and feelings..I´ve never been to her concert although once she visited also such a small country as ours (Slovakia), I wanted to go, but couldn´t that time:( maybe someday in future I will have that possibility..I´m happy you could meet her and have such a wonderful time..woow, I can feel your joy, is it possible?

  17. just like you, I love her from the start. When Complicated was released I was getting through a difficult period in a hospital, so the song was a kind of remedy to me and then I fell in love with every new song she made, I fell in love with her voice and style, with her unique expression in music..

  18. Hi chyaz,
    thanks for uploading this video. I like to watch it again and again, maybe coz she´s so cute there:) Today I finally got this fragrance after a long long time of waiting and I´m so happyy to have it:) to own something which is hers, it feels like being her sister in a way:)

  19. I watch this video everytime i smell wild rose <3

  20. @Lydia Sansom Kholes

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