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Avril Lavigne “Avril Lavigne” (Album Review)

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  1. I respect your opinion but Hush Hush is one of the best tracks on this album.

  2. This album has made me kind of conflicted. While the majority of the songs are solid and there's definitely an improvement on the lyrics, it lacks those relatable tunes she used to give us. And a lot of the songs are a little clichéd – some about partying, geting drunk, not wanting to grow up, and the old Avril Lavigne break-up songs. I feel like she has exausted that subject after five records featuring them.

  3. I dont particularly like this album i am not a nickelback fan whatsoever and i feel their is way to much of a nickelback vibe to alot of the songs. I understand she is married to Chad and when she was married to Deyrick her album had a Sum 41 vibe. I do enjoy Heres to Never Growing Up, Rock and Roll and 17 but those are tracks to me that feel like the Avril i grew up listening to. She even show it in her video. In heres to never growing up i still hear a mix of complicated and this afternoon

  4. Checking it out tonight!

  5. 5 out of 5 fir avril

  6. ARTPOP is out. please review it!! :))


    maybe her best one I love how diverse it is, and I just LOOOOVE it, I just wish she can hit big once again 'casue she deserve it, but her team / peaple / label are a mess unfurtunatly, still def the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

  8. Do Arcade Fire

  9. Lol I meant that about the first two albums. I typed in Hook Me Up because I know you like punk pop

  10. Could you do the new placebo album loud like love

  11. oh and one more thing i also like the song let me go i love when Avril and Chad sing together and i also i loved the instruments i agree what your saying on the video and thank you being fan of Avril Lavigne you rock.

  12. hey Thank You for reviewing one my favorite artist of all time Avril Lavigne i love this album my favorite songs of the new album are ROCK N ROLL, BAD GIRL, HELLO HEARTACHE, GIVE YOU WANT YOU LIKE, FALLING FAST, AND HUSH HUSH. your are awesome album reviewer i give the new album 5/5 because i'm just huge fan of Avril Lavigne but thank you you ROCK……

  13. do a review for Eminem and katy perry

  14. i think the first half of the album was vintage avril. "17" "rock n roll" "bitchin summer" "here's to never growing up" those were dope. "hello kitty" and "let me go" are my favs but the rest of the album i didn't care for. she really didn't need a collab with Marilyn manson. hush hush and the other songs were boring. but like i said if you wanna vintage avril, check the first 5 songs.

  15. No,I just can not…don't like the band at all,couldn't even finish Reflektor,I was so bored

  16. I feel they can be appropriate sometimes. Self reflection type thing.

  17. Def checking out the Haim album,after hearing "The Wire" on Alt Nation the other day!

  18. Thanks for watching :)

  19. Hook Me Up…oh the memories haha

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