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Aventus Giveaway! Jeremy Fragrance Review Contest

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  1. Is it to late to enter? I wanted to wait until the last minute!

  2. Dang it, its too late! I wish I had seen this earlier, I would love to enter into this! Great Idea though, More of these contests would be really cool.

  3. When is the deadline? Will you ship it to Southeast asia? lol crossing my fingers to win

  4. Glad to participate in the competition.

    Check out my video mate :)

  5. Jeremy, can I participate Also without having Instagram and Facebook ?

  6. Cool shirt!

  7. nice

  8. You self-serving and self-promoting son of a bitch, I love it!

  9. Nice ZARA shirt 😉 i wanna buy it what do you think ?

  10. Stanleydragonjr

    Magnificent idea
    Happy New Year

  11. Man, you're an awesome guy, keep up with the great work! Great reviews and interesting opinions! More and more people will 'scent' your channel!

  12. Rynhardt Dohse (AtomicDiamondMiner)

    Have you ever tried Z Zegna Jeremy? I bought it and quite like it you should give it a try! +Jeremy Fragrence

  13. Jeremy, i´m gonna make a video …. but i don´t know if i can just put 5 fave fragrances on the table and talk about it /compare /recommend …. or do i have to stand in front of camera like you …. (i´m a bit shy ….)

  14. #Jeremy Fragrance: man I really really need your help , I'm going out on a date next Saturday and I really really need your advice on which fragrance should I wear for the date??

  15. Im from Romania and I join the contest ! Jeremy rulez !!!

  16. Phillip Wagner Jr.

    Is the contest still going

  17. Does it matter how old you are?

  18. just uploaded mine!

  19. How long can the video be?

  20. China's High End EDC

    Very cool Idea Jeremy.  I will not be participating as my channel obviously caters to a different hobby but good luck to all the people who participate.

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