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Aveda Candle Review!

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  1. Did you know that you can use the candle wax as a hand moisturizer? Since its soy/wax!

  2. Aveda is okay. I don't love their more herbal smelling products.

  3. Maria Carpitella


  4. Joye AndBlessings

    Thanks for the nice review. I used to go to an Aveda salon to get my hair cut. Loved a their products and liked that all was from plant extracts – nothing from or tested on animals. Even their hair color which turned out beautiful every time.

  5. Will you be doing anymore Jewelry Candles reveals/reviews? I got so sick of DC because of various reasons and should be getting my first JC this week. I'm so excited for it! Anyway, so sorry about this candle. That's so disappointing! 

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