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Autumn Fragrance Reviews – Ten Great Perfumes!

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  1. I got Guerlain's "La petite robe noire" too and my little girl really loves it.  I think she's kind of a little girl who likes to think "Well,I'm much older than mommy thinks!".  By the way, you got the best taste of fragrance,Ruth!!!  Actually I'm impressed.  Thanks.

  2. I love jimmy choo too… I love your gap between your teeth, I had one just as wide as yours, but I had crowns over my two front teeth years ago, and they are still going stong, I have no regrets, but I live looking at pictures with the space. I coyld whistle very good, and sing It makes you unique… your beautiful….

  3. i got jimmy choo… LOVEEE IT!!1

  4. Alexandrabeautyxo

    I just found your videos by searching for perfume reviews and this is the first video I've watched by you and I really have to say that I don't know what it is, but your style and the way you speak and share your thoughts are so refreshing and real and I love your channel so so much- thank you for sharing!

  5. Michelle aka constantconnie

    Hello , I love your perfume videos , very informative. also I really love listening to your accent . I have both the la vie est Belle and Jimmy Choo. I would like to know how many sprays do you use with them. They could be strong if used incorrectly and I don't want to offend anyone , I just want to leave a subtle lovely impression . Thank you in advance .

  6. Could you do a Versace Bright Crystal Absolu review?

  7. You looks so beautiful

  8. I'm learning, love all your perfume videos 

  9. i love your description of jo malone's blackberry and bay. i bought it precisely because it reminded me of my granny's garden.

  10. you look like Kate Moss.. believe me… you have a great future of fashion and make up :) good luck <3

  11. Loveyouuu

  12. You remember Laureen Hutton to me….anyway what you think about Chloe' parfume and Calyx?

  13. ruth, can you do another fragrance video for fall? :)

  14. Informative AND entertaining, as always. I'm wondering, though, are there any Burberry fragrances that you like particularly, for someone who is severely allergic to all things having to do with roses? Thanks.

  15. woa, Ruth! by Terry is your all-time fave foundation? Will you elaborate please? Thank you! x

  16. too bad I get headaches from smelling perfume :(

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