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August 2014 Favourites & Fails | Kitsch Snitch

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  1. Hey Kat, is the cotton candy perfume like MOR marshmallow?

  2. ChroniclesofJennifer

    Really? I wear Naked 1 to work all the time. I work in a corporate environment. 

  3. I have the Naked 1 and think it's too much for daytime wear. So am agreeing with you there…  I put off buying Naked 2 as apparently the Lorac Pro is similar and I have that. But I may re think after seeing your review.  I also have Coastal scents Reveal Palette so that's supposed to be a dupe for the Naked 3.  I like the Naked Palettes but they are a bit overrated in my opinion….Keep up the good work love your channel!

  4. Definitely do an ASOS haul!  I have been ordering from them a little b/c of the free shipping but I get a bit overwhelmed as far as what to look for.  I have ordered mostly makeup actually and a kimono.  I liked your video a lot and always enjoy how you keep it real girl=]

  5. Omg the Bachelor is so sexist but I weirdly like watching it if only for the hilarious tweets some people write, especially about Amber being the reason Canada is the worst place in the world 😉 Love asos, I've never returned anything from there but I never buy the 'asos' brand so maybe that's why, I know a lot of people say it can be hit and miss. 

  6. It still blows my mind watching YouTuber's from Australia saying they are on the brink of spring, when where I am is on the brink of fall! :)

  7. I have the antipodes vanilla cream. It's REALLY heavy. I use it as a night cream, which is quite nice. Surprisingly though it smells awful! Seriously go smell it! 

  8. discopants “discopantsandhaircuts” and haircuts

    Yep, totes agree, I'm currently watching every 2nd ep as I can't quite mentally cope with watching every single ep, I'm finding it not too difficult to keep up though! I missed the ep when they brought the randoms in, the look on the models face must have been priceless!

  9. discopants “discopantsandhaircuts” and haircuts

    I don't know he seemed to like Jess, that session on the carrousel was pretty interesting between those two. I don't get why they are all on her case though, isn't it a competition? That model is annoying, maybe she'll win….I was surprised at what he said to her when she gave him that ultimatum about the upcoming rose ceremony, she's a bit of a shit stirrer I think. I'd be hopeless on that show, I'm so uncompetitive, I'd be in my room watching YouTube, asking when's dinner!

  10. jellybellyfilly

    I'm a recent subscriber so I don't know but what is the job?

  11. Maybe get some little jars from Daiso to depot your OCC concealer and save it from drying up… They're really convenient and that way you can stock up on their brush cleanser too ;)

  12. Marie Christine (MissLippyStain)

    You are honestly a favourite kat :) I think inner corner highlights suit you so much :) I remember you never did them because you said you thought it makes your eyes look spaced out but I'm happy you're wearing it now because it looks great on you :) 

  13. discopants “discopantsandhaircuts” and haircuts

    Ha ha I've been watching the odd ep if the bachelor as well, which I normally wouldn't do…..OMG I need to know who wins! Who do you reckon? Other than breaking you out, which sux, was the Cetaphil non greasy?

  14. mishellesleepytime

    Definitely do an ASOS haul and boo you to not liking the original Naked palette hehe. I want to get Naked 2 but haven't been able to justify it :P

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