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ATTITUDE EXTREME by Giorgio Armani fragrance/cologne review!!

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  1. the regular Armani attitude for me lasts pretty much all day.. surprised that people said that it didn't long for them 

  2. Hey, I've only tried once the normal attitude in a shop and tbh I loved it. Does the attitude extreme smell exactly like the normal one, but lasts longer ?

  3. tim i apply of this stuff about 2/3 sprays, is that enough how much sprays you?

  4. Angel Men wannabe, with a lemon-twist.

  5. @CocaineLord: It's plastic :)

  6. So i've used GA attitude extreme for about a year now, and I agree with the verdict. It's worth a try, then you move on.

  7. Just got that from store.
    Great scent! And longevity is great!

  8. Tim, which season would you recommend Attitude Extreme would be best suited to?

  9. Thank you for your well-made review :)

    I like the way you compare Attitude Extreme as a middle man :)


  10. I was about to buy the regular Armani Attitude,But Im gonna see if I could find the extreme version. so like that I could compare both. keep making your reviews!!! see,yah.

  11. ivan your killin me man! lol i have a code review you should check it out xD

  12. think of a mix between code and attitude and youll get something like this lol

  13. i juz bought the attitude extreme..
    how do i use it?
    a spray at the neck or both sides behind the ear?
    a spray on each wrist or only one?

  14. i suggest YOU rate each fragrance from 1 to 10. Just watch the video and shut your damn mouth.

  15. yes …..actually

  16. great review. just wondering. are you going to do another winter fragrance review for this winter or just keep the old one? and when is the most complimented by women cologne review coming out :)

  17. get a psn id yet? lol

  18. Atmosphereification

    Good review, but I have never liked any Armani fragrances. I don't know what is is about them, but it is something I don't like about them. Although, review is good. Keep it up.

  19. i need something that last 6+ hours and a nice sent cuz i use acqua di gio n i use i am king on special days lol but it has to be less than the king n i like"burberry the beat " n e recameds for a school envirement

  20. Armani Code ftw

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