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Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani Cologne\Fragrance Review (2002)

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  1. RayRay PooteyTang

    My favorite Armani frag is the Attitude!! It was sadly discontinued!!Bring it back please!! 

  2. i have a question,on the bottom of the original bottle of Armani Mania, there is sticker or info wrote on a glass ?

  3. Definitely do no pass on this one, the smell is soooo addicting, it's one of those under the radar colognes, a must purchase!

  4. I love this one. one of my favorite.

  5. My girlfriend loves it. She is super picky. Here are her favorite colognes:
    1. Dolce and Gabbana – The one SPORT
    2. Armani Mania
    3. ADG
    4. Lacoste Essential and Essential Sport
    5. Cartier Roadster Sport

  6. Love me some Armani Mania, baby!

  7. i love it!!!

  8. Would this fragrance be a cheap alternative to Bond No.9 Brooklyn?

  9. @smokedoutclown87 Thanks for the suggestion

  10. @smokedoutclown87 try gucci guilty for men. I used to use Armani Mania, but now I can't find that anymore.. so I tried Guilty and it's pretty nice :)

  11. @StamfordChris10 I'm using gucci guilty.. if you like this Armani Mania like I do, you'll also love Guilty :)

  12. Nice Bottle & Cap…m/

  13. I like this fragrance but is is light. Is there a cologne that smells just like this One?

  14. please review gucci guilty!!!!

  15. @StamfordChris10 i just got guilty in the mail a few days ago, i heard of denim but i did not get a bottle yet

  16. Woody? I don't smell a damn thing with this cologne.

  17. @robes08 ok awesome ill look out for it. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work.

  18. fishing lol. iv tried this nice scent i actually like it better than code but i do know this doesnt last for shit.

  19. @manicprime bleu is a tricky one at the moment, i`m filming every stage of the review for it, and it`s making it a longer process , so hopefully we get a full review on it in late 2011

  20. Nice marc, any chance of a bleu de chanel for men review? Would love to hear your take on it, because I love it :)

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