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Armani Code Ultimate Cologne Fragrance Review

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  1. Great fragrance, also smells a lot like 24 gold :P

  2. Hey what happens too you man. youve disspeared for 2 years

  3. Wow great deacriotion. I just bought a bottle and it really does smell like its trying to be everything. I was looking to get code, but was suckered in by the word 'ultimate'. I think Ill get the original too.

    Certain acents fitting one age group over another is clearcut with womena fragrances, and to an extent for men (I cant imagine anyone over 15 wearing cool water), but what scents do you advise men 30+ to wear? I realize its a broad generalization, but Im curious what you think 

  4. Whats the song playing in the background ???

  5. Great videos! My fav cologne was Gucci Envy… Is there anything out there that smells like it? Thank you.

  6. Can you next review Davidoff's new fragrance THE GAME. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what you think of it. The scent is AMAZING!!!

  7. How far apart are u.s and canadian dollars? I don't think its much but I'm not sure..

  8. love your reviews. i wear armani code and hugo boss bottled. 38 yrs old. what would you reco as your top 5 mens.

  9. Hey, so I'm in highschool at age 16 an I'm unsure if what cologne I should use. Currently I have Chrome Azzaro but it's a bit over used and looking for something new. Can u Recommend a cologne that people will like or teenagers? thanks :) love your reviews

  10. Are all of the best fragrance reviewers from Canada? im from Houston, Texas….shout out to all my fragrance lovers from the warm south side area….

  11. Yeah I gave it a whiff and it was heavenly! Thanks so much! You're the best :)

  12. love creed!

  13. Thanks so much! I'm flattered 😀 SO glad you like the reviews. I am looking forward to your videos. :)

  14. hey! So glad you enjoy my reviews! Play Intense definitely wins out of the two 😀

  15. i love it! i wear it from time to time. Great for the winter and evening. I have always loved the stuff – since i was a child. 😀

  16. How do you feel about Dior Hypnotic Poison? It's a woman's perfume but a lot of people tell me it's pretty unisex. Can you do a review please? :)

  17. Atalay Küçükoğlu

    Soooo, I love your reviews, and you're the closest to my age so you really understand me. Here's y question, Givenchy Play intense or this? Personally I like play intense better. Plase reply, thanks already :)

  18. I've totally lost interest in Armani Code after I found the Creed collection.

  19. Would love to see an updated "best of" video in the same style as the 10/11 and 11/12 vids you've done previously!

  20. Hey Cformosa have u ever smelled Chanel Antaeus pour homme ? if so is it worth buying

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