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Armani Code Sport Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. hi. between armani code sport and burberry sport? which is better (longevity and projection)? thanks. :)

  2. u never seem to reply dude .. watever ..

  3. what about code sport athlete ?? heard its better than this

  4. Can you do a review on ralph Lauren's polo sport, thanks

  5. I personally like the original Armani code it smells a lot better/ more masculine then this Sport version too bad it dosent have dicent projection and its a lot more expensive then say Eternity.

  6. FlyingThereAndBack

    I love this stuff so much, but my skin seems really poor for projection for any frag. Am I the only person who has to re-apply this stuff every couple of hours at least and spray 5 sprays, still most things project on me even less. This stuff smells soooo good. When I had a girl (With her boyfriend) comment on it, I decided to stick with it 😀

  7. i have both of them and armani code is more traditional, the sport its more fresh and funny, girls likes more sport but for me i prefered armani code, i hope i can help..

  8. plz tell me which one is best…armani code or armani code sport…..I like refreshing scents with mint notes at start and also want them to last long……i saw ur both reviews and both were great but want ur personal reccomondation…..:)

  9. Great review! I think code sport its great, in my country could be a fragrance for all year. And A.C. athlete is very very soft , what Di you think ,?

  10. you started out good, but the um's are killing it . just pause instead of saying um,

    um. allot of people are like me um. they cant take hearing "um" every few words um. good review other wise um. keep up the good work

  11. which one do you like more? Armani code sport or chanel allure sport? =)


  13. Cubby, you wouldn't believe that over here in London they brought out a flanker to this called Armani code athlete (capitalises on Olympic games), have you smelt it and if so what of Code sport does it add

  14. Diesel Only the brave

  15. Do you know if there are any other fragrances out there with peppermint?

  16. armani code sport

  17. Armani Code Sport, Only the Brave or Chanel Allure Homme Sport? 😀

  18. ehm can u help with this?? the diffrence between eau de perfume and toilete or something plzzz

  19. Hey Cubby! Thanks for all the videos bud! Quick question for you. I'm looking for a spring/summer scent that has either a really nice dry down or is just really linear. I tried Dior Homme Sport and Allure Homme Sport and actually wasn't really a fan. Also, a bunch of my friends have Versace Eau Fraiche. Would you recommend Sport Code? Any other ones I should look into? I'm particularly looking for a summer night party/hanging out fragrance. Thanks for your help man, great job with the videos!

  20. Hey Coppy, im 15 and goes in a regular school witch fragrence should i use. In the summer :-)
    At the moment i use Acqua di gio and lacoste essential hope you can help 😀

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