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Armani Code by Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Launched by the design house of Giorgio Armani in 1995, ACQUA DI GIO is classified as a refreshing, floral fragrance.

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  1. I think you are wrong on the longevity. It last longer than you said.

  2. Hey steven, I like your videos and I have a question, I hope you can answer it.
    Can you tell me the difference between the original Armani Code and the Armani Code Ultimate? And which one do you prefeer and why? Thank you.
    Great job

  3. this scent helped me fuck bitches since 2007

  4. Can't wait to hear your take on the New 2015 Armani Code Special Blend,I think it's at Macys right now as I speak

  5. Great review,Love Armani code,ultimate,Acqua di gio,Profumo,and Lui/he is ok,I haven't tried the others,but after all I think armani code is a solid Frag and for dressed up occasions.

  6. Loving ur vids, really informative and inspiring, I loved the tom ford one with your girlfriend almost all throughout she was in favour of azure lime and ur face was like hmmm wen she was dismissing sum of the amazing dark smokey ones lol, btw great vid and just to add I blind bought the Fahrenheit parfum and as a big Dior fan am really dissapointed, what's ur take on this? Keep up the great vids and reviews, all the best from across the pond, Adam.

  7. I want

  8. hi . I recently bought the flanker ultimate code.
    It is truly amazing.
    The longevity and projection are insane !
    it has the same sensual spicy fragrance
    but definitely not fruity ! give it a go
    it will not let you down
    it is my favourite
    'going out ,special occasion scent '!
    Great review by the way

  9. I'd love to see your take on a top 10 back to school/high school colognes seeing as you're a teacher! Thanks for reading!

  10. Love this scent ! 3-4 sprays and this works great for compliments and even though this is a best seller I havent honestly smelled this around so its a scent I wear when I want to smell different or if im in a mood for a dark and mysterious fragrance…

    Its also great for work or going out

  11. Panagiotis Sakellariou

    Dear, i am Panagiotis and i am a Greek as well. When will you make a review on chanel allure homme sport, my signature scent?? great frag and keep doing the magnificent work here.

  12. Got it when it was released in 2006-07. Loved it, but remember its not lasting long. I hear it's been reform'ed, though

  13. Glad you gave it a 9/10!! Many bash this in the community but I think it deserves more play!

  14. Great review as always !

  15. Excellent video! 👍

  16. Armani Code is an average to slightly above-average fragrance IMO. On the other hand, Armani Code Ultimate is the class act of this fragrances line; it quite literally blows Code out-of-the-water and is very well-received by the ladies. Don't believe me? Armani himself is telling you that Armani Code Ultimate is…well, the "ultimate" Armani Code and no others will ever top it! Can't you people read and don't you listen? LOL!

    Seriously, I enjoyed the review and do like the Armani Code…but I don't quite share your enthusiasm about this fragrances:

    Armani Code: 6/10
    Armani Code Ultimate: 9/10 (it is, after all, the "Ultimate" Armani Code)

  17. Excellent Steve

  18. aasheesh chaudhary

    Great Review

  19. Great review.
    Although I don't understand why uniqueness and overall smell are part of the same rating. They should be separate IMO.

  20. Awesome scent. The reason why I don't own it is the performance. Great review!

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