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Armani Acqua Dio Gio fragrance/cologne review

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  1. You did a great review here Chad. Bravo.

    I am not a fan of the Acqua di Gio. I will give it credit for being revolutionary in it's day. It changed the direction of fragrance from the 80's gas giants to the water world frags. Yet now there are so many in this style that I am washed out over clean clean transparent minimalist point of view. Maybe that is why Oud has become the rage of the second decade of the 21'st century.  Yes, I know I did a glowing review of Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza but to me that "Acqua" is not minimalist or boring. Not "aquatic" but in essence deep, complex and dramatic.  

    Acqua di Gio…so 1900's. 

  2. Great job my friend, I like it when you said you probably be going to smell like her ex boyfriend, that's the main reason for why I haven't buy this scent, same happened with Le male.

  3. I agree with your take on di gio

  4. I do have 360 Red…but have yet to ever give this a try after all these years. Liking your new videos outdoors. Always like seeing the sights from where people live.

  5. Nice review pal, one I have yet to bother trying but im sure I will one day :)

  6. Great 1st take……I prefer 360 red and would never get this unless the Essenza version is available for  30(Yeah like that'll happen lol)

  7. Great video, Thanks !

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