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Armaf Perfumes vs Creed – Longevity, Projection, Quality and Panties …… ? Perfume Reviews

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  1. +babbs collection

    sir hey,

    i loved all your videos…. saw them all

    i need your help/advice, i m a college going guy, i wana have a really nice active fragrance , a WOW fragrance for my every day use…..!!! PLZ GIVE ME SOME pocket friendly suggestions

    also i wana order ARMAF intense online from flipkart ( http://www.flipkart.com/armaf-sterling-club-de-nuit-man-eau-toilette-100-ml/p/itmeaca4khjzrcug?pid=PEREACA4HGRHVNUC&ref=L%3A-6049854630921679720&srno=p_22&query=armaf&otracker=from-search )

    bt i saw a comment say'n that ARMAF bottles comes from 2 makers first "france' and other from "UAE" (which smells shit)
    soo i wana ask you how can i get a authentic "French" scent….

    plz help me in getting a authentic perfume sir, i am really passionate about fragrances, bt not many people have knowledge about it soo ur the one i think can help me out…!!!

    sooo plz suggest me a nice pocket friendly perfume (around or under 1000 INR) , i am already using DAVID OFF COOL WATER, PLAYBOY VEGAS, PLAY BOY IBIZA(love this one), one million(all time fav)….
    and tell me a site where i can buy ARMAF INTENSE Men

    thankx in advance
    a big thumbs up to ur videos

  2. what would u recommend for office use,
    should last long
    aqua, woody

  3. Is there any difference between the "made in France" batch compared to "made in UAE" batch for the CDNI?

  4. cheers!

  5. Babb's please give a full hearted review of Tres bon I think it's worth it.

  6. Armaf Tres Bon all the way Babb's. you are great

  7. Babb's I appreciate you and your reviews but as you said Aventus will be Aventus. I got my bottle of Aventus and I can say that too.

  8. Hi Babb's I received my Shades Wood and Tres bon. I must say that the Tres bon is the Aventus that I was searching for its better than cdni to my nose. thanks

  9. I like the smoky batch so I have ordered Armaf Tres Bon

  10. Babb's I have cdni already but is the Tres bon better?

  11. hmm.. I asked you a question yet missed this video.. I guess I look stupid now.  you did explain the projection etc..

  12. Awsome Review Buddy.. Definitely Great Info You!! Learn Something New Everyday

  13. Intresting 

  14. had a function tonight, I put on creed aventus, 3 sprays to the neck, got to the event and sprayed an extra spray for some extra projection. Not sure if it projected much didn't get any complements, and not sure if I got used to the scent or if it just died out quick. Im getting CDNIM in the mail tomorrow cant wait, im going to have a side by side compairison.

  15. Club de nuit intense. Man what a good better yet great fragrance. That stuff last on my skin 8 to 10 hours on my skin. Wife loved it.. Getting my bottle this week. Good vid

  16. Hi Babbs , just to let you know you are just awesome man, just ordered a bottle of CDN as CDNI intense is not available here in India, do you have any review for that
    Thank you man

  17. hi faraz mustafa you can check for armaf online.

  18. hey bro great vid , can you tell me where you get the armaf colognes from?

  19. Good video once again Babbs! Club de Nuit Intense Man is a compliment magnet lol. Any personal experiences on this matter?

  20. I am not gonna mince words. I have 4 different batches of Aventus: 2014 K01, L01 and H01 batches and 2015 Q01 batch. After intense comparison, testing and wearing, just last night, i came to an uncomfortable and inconvenient conclusion: Club de Nuit Intense Man tops ALL the Aventus (At least to my nose. K01 put up a strong fight  though). I am sure some people share this same opinion, but are either scared to admit it, or don't trust their noses. Fact is that Aventus just isn't what it used to be. Right now, CDNIM tops the Aventus currently marketed these days (irrespective of batches). And by 'top', I mean Longevity. Sillage and compliments are pretty much the same. There, I said it! let the guillotines drop now :)

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