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April Favourites

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  1. i watch tv shows like u do x)

  2. Awww glee when u said that I got so sad RIP Cory monteith :( anyways loved this vid!

  3. Love your shirt (or dress cant tell)! So cute!


  5. Felicia Fredette

    i wish i looked like you, you are so pretty

  6. Finally! An Aussie Beauty Channel! And a fellow Sydney-sider! and BM Sharkie! Nice to be able to easily buy the products/brands you talk about! Love your videos!

  7. I am completely in love with your dress!! I think I might have to splurge when it's back in stock!

  8. I love your eye makeup here!!! Can you do a tutorial on that, would love to do it for my formal xxxxx

  9. Can u say fake eyelashes

  10. You aree soo pretty! And you sound very nice too !:) I just subbed !:))

  11. you should do some more favourites! i enjoy watching the products that you use, it inspires me and makes me want to purchase them!

  12. I really enjoy and appreciate your voice tone it's calm and lovely

  13. Are you going to do a may or June favorites

  14. Minel ve Başak'ın Makyajı

    so cuteee

  15. I'm eating popcorners right now!!!

  16. Meagan Brousseau

    No she's Canadian but living in Australia. @HanBan7726

  17. the viva la juicy one!

  18. omg! you have the same perfume as me haha 😉

  19. Wow, again, another amazing video. I need to catch up quick! I'm a new subscriber as of today and loving you and your videos. XO

  20. What shampoo are you using and straightener . Can you help me please?

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