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Anna Sui | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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  1. The models look healthy compared to most

  2. OMG gigi's walk is terrible maybe it's because she's too fat for

  3. José Pherrera Silva

    Cada um com seu espetaccolo e glamoooor

  4. Gigi is too fat for high fashion

  5. Gigi's walk it's so fucking horrendous.

  6. Gigi is so pretty, but she is fat for modeling, she is jiggly!

  7. Excuse me, is Gigi just marching around here? Her move is so dreadful and not appealing at all. She's fine with photo shoot, but not working out on the runway, especially when walking in a designer outfit. 
    Maybe she should learn from Claudia Schiffer if she wants to be versatile from swimsuit to haute couture.

  8. Anna Sui, for some reason reminds me of a mature version of besty Johnson. I lean more towards Sui, although I dig the hell outta that ol'kook Betsy. And by the way there seemed to be a few "dude's look like a lady", types in there………….wink,wink,………..

  9. what a smart designer is Ann

  10. Can we actually talk about the clothes? There is not an original concept or design in this. Just because you dress up the design in impractical fabric for the beach does not make it desirable in any way.

  11. gigi hadid walk like a man…..n asian model walk like the model supposed to walk….the other model just so so (i dont even know how they hired)

  12. So Jamie Bochert walked after Gigi opening the show..can't believe ..and Gigi's walk is not graceful..tbh and then there's Lexi boiling has bitchy face as usual..

  13. casting could have been a lot better. definitely don't think gigi should have opened, there were better models there like caroline

  14. Luuuuurve!!!! & Hanne you looked amazing!

  15. Gigi looks fat compare with the real models…

  16. SHUT UP @ 05:03!!! Anna Cleveland is about to take fashion to the 70s and back. She's an AMAZING runway model that KNOWS fashion. she should her mom IS Pat Cleveland…..DUH! 😉

  17. That's what haters do…… all day!

  18. Gigi's walks are all the same. No variation.. So flat..

  19. The Goddess strikes again.  Anna you are a white star.

  20. What happened to the original music? This is not the music played at the show.

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