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Anna Sui Secret Wish

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  1. Anna Sui Secret Wish
    in diese Welt tauch ich aber auch nur zu gerne ab ;)

  2. I like the perfume but I can't smell any floral in it, it just smells zesty fruity to me:P

  3. Jessica Stam….soooo young!!!

  4. this is beautiful! i love jessica stam. this looks absolutely enchanting..i adore it.

  5. i have the whole set!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. actually I agree with you, I received it as a gift. I simple just don't like floral perfumes I guess. Though gotta say it reminds me of being in a garden.

  7. summonerprincess

    i love the perfume =)
    love jessica stam!

  8. One of my favourite perfumes!

  9. The bottle looks so cute with that fairy on the top.. ^^

  10. letme see you make 1 then you can say it sucks

  11. this video sucks but i love the perfume

  12. Beautiful & colourful

  13. she is so pretty!!!

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