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Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme by Chanel Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Is there a difference between the EDT and the EDP?

  2. Obtained Victory

    I spoke with a sales rep at Chanel and she said the EDT is no longer available, my guess is whatever EDT you can find still available on store shelfs GRAB IT Before this fragrance is just a memory remembered with the EPD that doesn't perform as well

  3. Short Story:

    i bought the EDP version at Nordstrom last sept not knowing that there in fact was/is an EDT/pre-formulation version ….anyways it was a compliment magnet but the longevity was good somedays & others day meh(it truly is a year round scent)…i ran out of it yesterday…The same day i go to Macy's to get the 150ml because screw it lol

    i look at the box and the bottle and BOOM its a 2014 bottle (it says EDT concentree)

    i must say that the EDP lives up to the extreme moniker as it has more punch and is more creamy than the EDT BUT the EDT is more elegant with consistent longevity

  4. Hey Doc, should I buy EDP version o stick to EDT?

  5. Hi Doc! I purchased eau extreme today from chanel showroom but code on box does not match with code on bottle. Is this a fake?

  6. hey man what should i go for? allure homme sport or allure homme sport extreme?

  7. technicaly brilliant

    awesome review sir , very detailed – i've subscribed !

  8. between 4-8 sprays?! man people can smell me across the room with 3 sprays, especially in the first hour!

  9. Hey Cody , Great review, I have one question , has the edp version of Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme completely replaced the edt version ? Because I can't find it in any department store as an edt

  10. Hello Doc, if you have just to pick one , aventus or this, which you recommend?

  11. I'm curious. How can you wear more of the extreme than allure homme sport? What's so different?

  12. Weird how the non extreme got a 10/10

  13. TheBladerunner777

    Hey Doc…just purchased the Allure Eau Extreme Sport at Macys today.  I checked the cosmetic calendar, keyed in serial number and it states manufactured in Feb 2012.  Should I be concerned with the quality of the cologne?Thanks

  14. wrands M (Blazers)

    Doc, this reminds me of Versace the dreamer on the dry down.

  15. I love it, I give it 10 / 10 in my perspective is number one

  16. I had both of these perfume….really sexy, fresh, sensual and warm. My top 10 in my list.

  17. If you are going to test this at a mall ir wherever it is you test fragrances, you MUST give it AT LEAST 30 minutes to an hour to dry down, the scent just gets better as time goes on. The opening is ok but the dry down is amazing.

  18. The most versatile and safe scent I've ever smelled!! Amazing Fragrance!!

  19. Is it the edt version?

  20. 4 to 8 sprays? Wow! When i sprayed it 3 times once, people around me were like 0_o
    It fills any room at sight. I mean, to me it is actually very potent, and people do smell this one on me, unlike many others fragrances. So, i usually go with 1 spray. My bottle says "eau de parfum" (just in case, i heard there is edt version, but i doubt it).

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