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All Better!

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  1. I also wear makeup at home. It's good to feel you're looking your best. You never know when the doorbell will ring and you will have company. 

  2. I take my vitamins at night because I'll forget in the morning, i take Biotin for my hair and nails and vitamin c to help with my knees:) I love yalls family and your vlogs! I'm having and apriljustintv marathon! !

  3. Hi Guys !!!! Missed you so much :)
    Trying to catch up with all your vids…. its been over a month since my 32 week emergency C-section :) BLESSINGS !!!!

  4. Can you please do a cook with April on the breaded chicken and the salad together? Thank you so much, God Bless! :]

  5. My night routine sometimes changes but I always make time to watch you guys. Drinking a nice cup of tea and relax and watch YouTube/tv

  6. yea he's looking at the lights cus he can see it really well my son always look at the window 

  7. something weird that I like to put on my face to moisturize is olive oil it is actually really great for the skin, if you want some more info on it I have a blog post about it (I don't want to seem like I am self-promoting)  +AprilAthena7 

  8. I always have to take a sip of water before bed, I dnt know why but I can't sleep if I dnt. Also I'm really loving my paulas choice bha liquid exfoliator, it makes my skin so smooth!! Oh and chapstick too. Dnt like dry lips before bed!!

  9. You dont need makeup April, you are sooooo gorgeous with and without ❤️

  10. Your baby boy is so precious! God Bless your happy home and family!!!

  11. omg liams eyes!! <33333

  12. I just love you two and liam is so cute i love all your videos.

  13. I am surprised Justin hasn't "gel ed" Liams hair!!…

  14. I have to have my makeup removers

  15. +AprilJustinTV April you are so beautiful! With or without makeup. I haaate doing my makeup. I love how I look in it of course, but I just feel like it is so tedious and I hate having to be cautious not to rub my eyes or get foundation on my husband's white shirt or something haha But when I look back at my daily vlogs and see myself in the majority of the videos without my hair/makeup done I always tell myself "GIRL you need to start putting yourself together more than once or twice a week" lol <3

  16. Liam is so gorgeous! 

  17. Omg i laughed so hard at 7:29 liam was siting a funny way!

  18. Juliana da Rocha Vieira

    I'm not a fan of chicken.. but the way yours looks is AMAZING!

  19. I play with my dog and take her outside before bed time and watch your vlog before I sleep, it's my favorite!

  20. april you guys should try putting liam in the mobile when u guys are eating so u guys can get together buy the way liam is getting cuter by the mint 

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