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Album Review – The Fame – Lady Gaga

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  1. great review for a great album

  2. HOLY SHIT DUDE, that is ALOT of Dragonball z stuff….:O

  3. @hsmjesse omg wow thats fucking awesome

  4. Summerboy,Money Honey,Boys Boys Boys,butiful dirty rich,and paper gangsta was out in 2007 because I saw here in lollapollza in 2007 and she sang thes songs!!!!!!

  5. TheDaisyWitherspoon

    O_O oh my.. those r alot of action figures! 😀

  6. FinaldestinationTfan

    I totally agree with you on Starstruck. It really should have been a single. I think she should've done that one instead of LoveGame. It probably would've hit nr. 1 on the Hot 100. Great review, btw 😉

  7. I have the same shirt!!!

  8. Sweet lol

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