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Al Rehab Sultan cloned vs Voyage D’Hermes Perfume vs Creed …… alternatives (find out )

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  1. hey man impressive video, I would love a sample of the mixture you have there plus the Cambodian oud!!!

  2. Hi babbs.! In Saudi , Al rehab perfumes are themselves available.. as sprays. Smells awesome too.! keep rocking. Cheers . :)

  3. Alchemist Presentations (Tim Huggins)

    Babbs…the Voyage from Sultan was easy enough and very good. But I don't have any Cambodian Oud to make the Spice and Wood.

    Is there another Al-Rehab oil I can use in place of the Cambodian Oud? Maybe Al-Rehab's Oudy? (I've never smelled that one so I don't know). Or maybe a particular essential oil?

    Awesome my friend!! More recipes please! You're the best!!

  4. Which Cambodian Oud can I purchase for the spice&wood ?

  5. That's just regular Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol Babs?

  6. Spice & Wood. Would love to try your sample. how to I go about it? Chris

  7. Great job Babbs, I would love to smell that one, Thanks for Posting…

  8. #babbscollection send few of these perfumes to me .

  9. Please send ur hand made perfumes to me. I live in india jaipur.

  10. How much Ethyl Alcohol did u mix in 6 ml of Oil? can we use Assam oud instead of the Cambodian oud ?

  11. Good videos,any ideas what to do with Al-Rehab Dakar ?

    Thank You

  12. What size is your atomizer mr babbs? lol

  13. Hi Sahen, you can use anything as long as you are mixing alcohol 6 ml for 25 ml ….

  14. Hey Babbs is a sprayer must after mixing the alcohol? or can we just use a rollerball bottle?

  15. thanks tarun, use 2 6ml bottles of al rehab to 50ml of alcohol

  16. Hi. Nice video. I have a few al-rehab oils and was thinking of adding alcohol to a few to test. Could you help me with the oil vs. alcohol ratio? Thanks!

  17. i need to get that one then and check it out. I am also making videos to make these oils to EDTs and EDPs so check those out as well.

  18. Hmmm interesting, I've bought Sultan, Lord and 4 more Al Rehab oils after I've watched your video on them, still waiting to receive the order but I'm curious about them since till now I've ordered only knockoff oils from ebay traders, and they are hit or miss.

    Most of them are not that good but some are just amazing, my Tobacco and Vanilla oil is spot on and the Black Afgano is actually better than the original.

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