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Al Rehab Perfume Oil Haul!

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NANI Eau de Parfum 30 ml by Saffron James

  • Inspired by the exotic flowers of Hawaii, Saffron James Parfums is a unique line of complex florals that capture the mystery, humor and unending beauty of the islands.
  • Made from essential oils, Saffron James Parfums have no parabens or preservatives.
  • Each scent wears naturally and is unique to the woman who uses it.
  • In honor of the traditions of the Hawaiian people who have always lived in balance and harmony with their environment, Saffron James Parfums donates a dollar off every product back to the cultural and environmental preservations of Hawaii.
NANI (na-knee): 1. Beauty, glory, splendor. 2. Beautiful flower. 3. Good thing. 4. A fragrance created in honor of Hawaiis last Crown Princess Ka iulani. 4. An olfactory homage to the Pikake flower. 5. A stunning Saffron James Parfum rich with notes of Pikake, Pink Plumeria, Mimosa, Lily and Ylang Ylang.

Price: $ 110.00


  1. Mortada 3asfoor

    loooool leave that to us (eating urself lol ) You're so sweet i Feel you're the Sweet Marshmallow applying a chocolate Scent :) yummy

  2. I love the one named "susan" it's soo beautiful smelling!

  3. Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Also U shud try these new
    Al Rehab Platinum, Diamond, and many new ones…
    Thanks Al-Rehab

  4. Nice video thanks, perfume oils are great.

  5. Tabitha Charanza

    when I smell Choco Musk I don't smell marshmallow

  6. Tabitha Charanza

    love their perfume

  7. Great review. Which one has sandalwood or woody sent smel?

  8. Lovely smell as Eternity

  9. i have purchased this item smell is good but the problem is that this same sunbranded product is avaliable in our local market with less price in india. both have same smell.

  10. Mohammed Sarfaraz

    I have tried Tooty Musk but Choco Musk i havent.
    Shud try after seeing the video

  11. Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Al Rehab Perfume Oils are one of the best in the world.
    Have Tried almost all of them
    My Favorites wub be Silver, Sultan, Delightful, Classic, White Musk, Station, Blanc, Zidan Classic, Space, to name a few

    Dalal as commented below smells so expensive

  12. Hehe . Love it when you say "when I'm in class I want to eat myself . "I gotta get myself some if this 

  13. theeleventhhour

    I got the 6 x 6ml of choco musk, soft and lovely from amazon today and I am absolutely blown away at how good these smell. They will definatly be my everyday essentials. I'm wearing the choco musk now, ripped open the box as soon as it arrived and it's everything I had hoped for. Thankyou for your review, it's what made me buy them! 

  14. Sarah al-rehab are known to duplicate class frags like creed and montale.. choc musk is a copy of montale choclate greedy which cost $250 .. Hence the hype !

  15. Sarah al-rehab are known to duplicate class frags like creed and montale.. choc musk is a copy of montale choclate greedy which cost $250 .. Hence the hype !

  16. Lawton Jeffcoat

    On my quest for Arabian perfumes i some how StumbleUpon a beautiful princess! ^_^ :)~

  17. Lovely is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD,also you should try Dalal that stuff is freakin AWESOME smells so expensive 

  18. @fungilemora Yes! I absolutely love all of them! Choco musk is so amazing! I have  soft just sitting in my car right now because even when it's not open it gives off such a nice scent!

  19. I have choco musk and soft, the last one is like a dupe for pink sugar, smells almost identical! So did you keep using them??

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