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Agent Provocateur L’Agent Perfume Review

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  • Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz / 100 Ml for Women
It has top notes of white lotus petals and white ylang ylang caressed by the pure essence of osmanthus core and immersed in jasmin sambac. With a base of velvet white suede and musk.

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Agent Provocateur Fatale Eau De Parfum by Agent Provocateur, Let your presence be known by completing your evening ensemble with a few sprays of agent provocateur fatale fragrance for women . Introduced in 2014, this composition by jean-marc chaillan takes you on an exciting journey, as this scent opens up with notes of pink pepper, mango and black currant. Perfect for fueling the seductress within you, this elixir embraces you with sweet notes of creamy gardenia at the heart, while essences of

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  1. I'm a big fan of super sexy sultry a bit naughty perfumes and this sounds really nice, however I don't like Amber. I love musk and incense and those kind of things but Amber if it's too strong just smells awful to me (for example I love D & G light blue… At first… Once it dries down it smells awful on me. I also smelled Marc Jacobs decadence recently and I tried so hard to like it and I just didn't. But I do love, love Calvin Klein secret obsession (the Eva Mendes one, not the original). I hope that helps give an indication of my likes/dislikes, so having said that, do you think this one is too heavy on Amber based on my tastes? I'm really intrigued and I'm so tempted to blind buy (as I have no access to samples) but I'm a bit too tight for cash to risk it if it turns out to be not what I'm hoping for

  2. I just need this one in my life :) Also want AP Petale Noir, don't know which one first! Thank you for review :) QueenK13

  3. Great review! Don't you have a review to the perfume "Agent Provocateur" itself? 

  4. This sounds so interesting. I like sweet and light scents but i want something more feminine and sexy to wear at evening. Is it too strong?  I mean, i hate overpowering scents like Chanel no. 5, i couldn't stand that kind of scent on me if it doesn't get softer after a while. Some people compared it to Hypnotic Poison by Dior, i'm very curious about this fragrance, sounds so different than the rest and i wanna give it a try!

  5. Richard “Noir Fox” Russell

    Great review, and I love the ending to this video, you're hilarious. 

  6. I really enjoyed your review of L'Agent. I actually liked it so much I already placed an order for it online! I'm going to keep watching your reviews and see what else I like, You already got me curious about Cacharel's Eden.

  7. can u tell me abt different between it and boudoir?? ><
     im a type of person who dunt like some thing too much sweet like escada, ,etc. i usually use hermes hermes eau des merveilles and love terre of man too ,,milion (man)  chanel chance, .warm but not too sweet hot, that shiny and stunning but too much free or fruit floral. seem like a perfume that will show u a cheeky but cute woman, who is very attractive and glamorous.For simplely , u know saggitarus with venus Scorpion ?this feeling !  Im thinking about Boudoir . L'agent,.. that u talking about, and John Gallion ? can u help me :(
     cos i buy by online from asian

  8. I think it`s something Irene Adler would wear) The Woman. (I`m a total Sherlock fan))

  9. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Aw thanks! Well yes..I kinda just try to be relatable I guess. I do treat it as if I'm talking to someone rather than just spouting out information, 've seen reviews like that and they kinda of switch me off. :)

    I would say definitley give this one a go if you like resins and dark scents. This one is a vixen! :)

  10. Oh, I can relate to getting frustrated like that. But that was a great review, you know. From your knowledge & manner, it's like a friend asked you to describe this perfume, and you're telling them about it.
    This one sounds up my alley, too, lol. I really enjoy incense and resins in perfume.
    Take care,

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