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adidas: Unfollow feat. Leo Messi

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  1. me gusta la canción! me pondria decir el nombre ? la e buscado y no la encuentro :/

  2. my hero

  3. Messi for Germany just simply be such a bottem class player as ling as they do not win!

    Argentina 8-0 Genmany

    Messi is not a legend until be so!

  4. Messi Pecho Frio , Saludos desde Argentina . Aguante River Plate.

  5. Está buenísima esta publicidad.

  6. megustaadidasyotengounacamisadeadidad

  7. salgo en el segundo 45 el que se tira de segada👌 seguidme en instagram aveiros7

  8. Messi the beast Adidas

  9. want to be differtent

  10. do you want to say that the other players who wear x and ace were fan of Messi and because of that they want to different

  11. messi hola amigo para balon 4 :/ mideo ganar 😉 messi bien

  12. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jan Julius Kleinlugtenbelt

    Messi respect from AJAX

  14. I wonder if the guy watching Messi was CR

  15. Juan Pablo Ballesteros

    Penaldo looooooser

  16. messi is just the best at soccer CR7 just fake's it just to get a PK

  17. Cristiano Ronaldo made this video

  18. Whats the song?

  19. Ronaldo is the besteht

    messi ist mit good he is a looser

  20. Messi is my favorite Miami Heat player.

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