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Adidas Dare Fragrance Review

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  1. johnny rodriguez

    "omg you smell so fucking good." that's one of the compliments i got from a chick i was dancing with at the time i used to rock this cologne.

  2. I got it for $6.99 great price 

  3. Real talk man… That's my ninja

  4. raidernationcali

    have u smelled adidas intense touch by any chance? if so any good? smell like?

  5. I just bought the cologne and it is great

  6. I wear Hugo boss but I was running low and went to Walgreens and got adidas dare on sale for like 13 bucks… He is right, I work at a bar as a bouncer and girls just love standing next to me and rubbing on me with this on 10/10 for me

  7. Fragrancenet!

  8. NiceSxeKassemTard

    Real talk this guy knows what he is talking about, i stole this cologne from my dad and that same day this girl gives me a hug and says "if my boyfriend smelled like this i would hug him more often" fuck i wish i had that cologne still. Im trying to find it still.

  9. ROSES. Cold Stream.

  10. Your are 101 percent right.

  11. BrutalBob CheeseMcGee

    2 people didnt get any pussy haha XD

  12. Nice Three Six Mafia reference lol

  13. 56 ATM.

  14. how many colognes do u have?

  15. i smelled it before its alright, smells like every other scent to me

  16. What can I say?? Joey..you the fucking man!

  17. Love the honesty. Great review

  18. StrawberryBlonde10

    Another great review joey. I agree wholeheartedly on this one. Dare is the best fragrance Adidas ever came out with. Yes it is even better than Moves imo. And for sure it is a knockout in the compliment department 😉

  19. i need to try this one joey i has always overlooked this one.

  20. Oooh do need to try it for sure!

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