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Acqua Essenziale Fragrance review Salvatore Ferragamo

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  1. I get a melon sort of vibe from it, the mint is just in the opening. As for projection and longevity, it lasted a good while one me.

  2. venkatraman raguraman

    I do not seem to like the note of Mint either. I enjoy mint in my cocktails and dark chocolate but not in fragrance. Not sure why.

  3. RaciocinioPlease

    Better than versace por homme/eau fraiche,mugler cologne,dior homme sport,guerlain pour homme?

  4. RaciocinioPlease

    Good review,you just convinced me when you mention gentlemen only…kind of boring and generic….

  5. Great review !!

  6. I've learned that not every skin is the same. I love Pure Malt. I have the original (love it). Pure Malt doesn't last on my skin like other fragrances. In fact after wearing it for 5 days i returned it. Not for me. I went as far as putting 4 sprays and the most i got 4 hrs. Vince Camuto 2 sprays i get over 7 hrs. The Dreamer versace i wake up the next day & still there. So it all depends on the person.

  7. Greeting from Indonesia, my favorite fragrance is Attitude and have difficulty to find it anymore….I have this one too…but i prefer to use Attitude on top of my collection…

  8. really enjoy your channel and honest opinions. i am looking for a fragrance that is light but has longevity.  what do you suggest?

  9. Natkon Woraputthirunmas

    Great review! Thank you. I'm saying Hi from Bangkok, Thailand. I just bought the second bottle today. I love the scent but have the same feeling you described about its longevity. By the afternoon, I don't smell it anymore. It also does not give me the "eye rolling back inside my head and ummm…." like I did with Kenzo's Power, which for some unfathomable reason, has been discontinued or is no longer available in Thailand (I'll appreciate it very much if you could shed some light on that as I have been trying to find it all over Bangkok.)

  10. @brent0529 Yes, just a light fragrance that will not live nearly as long as AdG ;)

  11. I found it  a little  bit similiar to bleu de chanel. I think it is perfect for a gift. Not offensive, pleasant light smell.

  12. From what I remember I didnt smell much mint. Maybe the mint comes off as a little spice. This one reminded me alot of Acqua di gio, and Acqua di gio Essenza. So its funny I just heard him mention that the creator of this also did the acqua di gio's.

  13. As for being close to Roadster, NO not at all. Roadster is much more refined and full bodies without being in your face. Roadster gets more from less.
    And if girls love minty toothpaste then sure! go for it :) If that were the case I think Azzaro Aqua would have been the #1 cologne of all time LOL

  14. I think we are getting back up there later this week, I will give this another wear then.

  15. Do you think this is a close scent to cartier roadster ?

  16. Do you knw that a study has found that women want their men smell like minty toothpaste? Which applies to this fragrance ? So I would wear this on dates!

  17. i actually like this, id tell anyone who is going to buy it only to wear it in the heat from about 95 and up thats where this fragrance shines

  18. Thanks :) and that's not a a bad idea, never thought of that. Thanks :)

  19. Thanks so much! I'm sorry this was flagged as spam, so I never saw this till now. I have the original Salvatore Ferragamo and I think that is my favorite. Thanks for watching, I will add more soon :)

  20. A clear,concise and straight-to-the-point review…just how they should be.

    Like you I'm also a fan of deo sticks…why not review a few of your favourites?

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