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Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani Perfume Review

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  1. This is not fragrance talk, it;s just you reading for the first time from a piece of paper. You could at least read it before recording at least twice.

  2. you totally butcherd the "Gioia" part of the name. DAS MA NAME. lol it's pronounced Joy-yah

  3. Bought this for my mom last christmas because she said she liked it…needless to say i loved it too! Anyway for some reason the drydown on her were kind of metallich and almost bloody-ish to me!O_o…guess it's the acquatic-exotic mix!>_>

  4. cool! thanks for the review :) I also thought the commercial was amazing for this perfume.
    I will now go and like that facebook page too!

  5. Does it stay on for a long time?????

  6. cubby did someone tell you that you look like cole phelps from LA Noire?

  7. Can you review david beckham instinct sport please. I really want to know other peoples opinions on it; and it would add variety to your channel as you have never reviewed a beckham fragrance before.
    please like so he can see this

    Thank You

  8. hahahahahhah Ryan, you're hilarious!

  9. I went camping with this guy once!! HES SOOOO HOT UGHHHH!!!

  10. I'm obsessed with this perfume at the moment! Love!

  11. It's a nice clean smell, but it's a bit too much gender-bender for me to wear, though.

  12. FragranceCommunity

    Great review like always!

  13. Cracking stuff as always buddy!! Fragcomm legend right here, Cubby is the TRUTH!!

  14. I love your videos!!!! They are very informative and really well done.

  15. Adrianne Narciso

    I have this and i love it!

  16. achmeds72virgins

    this ones for women

  17. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani Perfume or The original acdi?

  18. i know they both smell really different, but would you prefer acqua di gioia or chanel chance eau tendre?

  19. Is this sort of the women's version of Acqua Di Gio?

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