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A New Chloé Love Story

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  1. do not like this kind of effeminate male

  2. Clemence Poesy is over 30, but looks as young as fresh as a girl of 17, French women age very well

  3. This perfume smells amazing. Love the commercial, too!

  4. Muy bueno

  5. Muy buenos

  6. O

  7. Miguelamador amador Amador

    Bisteme despacio. Que. Tengo. Prisa

  8. vratislav nemecek

    Funguje tak jak má 


  10. She's Fleur from Harry Potter, right?

  11. Does anyone know if it comes in 10 ml?

  12. Omg fleur delacour

  13. Hi Guys, Check out the perfume review on our channel and many more other trendy perfume reviews. :)

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