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A Few of My Favorite Things Haul! Feb&Mar

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  1. Wow thank you! 😀

  2. youre way prettier than kim kardashian

  3. @Xxm00nMaNxX She has a boyfriend you know…

  4. ilove your hair ! & i love your haul videos : )

  5. Tbh ur cute af

  6. @arianalol100 Yes and yes! ( : THANK YOU!!

  7. @TheNortonProject AHAHAHA! I can tryyy if you really want d :

  8. Please teach my girlfriend to do hair like you.

  9. unprofessionalvids

    @crazylittlelazy heehee! I would have to say your smile is much lovelier! It's one of the little things that makes my day after seeing a new vid 😉

  10. I think i've said this before but, I adore your smile!… 😀 x

  11. @unprofessionalvids HAHAHA nooooooo! You're silly! That's Kim Kardashian d : It would be silly to have a poster of myself LOL

  12. @ocean3684 Ohhh I like that! I'll keep that in mind, that sounds pretty fun!

  13. @ChicanoRapILove Aww thank you! I'd love to try that, I'll keep that in mind for sure!

  14. @misskatiexoxo147 Thank you Miss Katie! ( : You're too sweet!

  15. unprofessionalvids

    is that you in the poster back there? 😀

  16. you should do some spring nail tutorials :)

  17. Loved the cheetah heels:) u should do outfit of the days!:) I can tell u have a cute style:)

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