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A Birthday Haul… Hermes, Bvlgari, Ugg & More!

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  1. Lucky girl, enjoy. Haters will hate.

  2. marcia lafreniere

    wow youare very lucky to receive such beauyiful gifts enjoy

  3. Yun Fan (kiwifashionblog)

    My birthday is also in December! Sagittarius girl?

  4. Елена Жебентяева

    What polite word to use?-extrodinary expensive!!!Thanks, its funny!!!Love your videos!!!

  5. I would like to see a 'What i got for Christmas Haul' :)

  6. Hi Anna! Missing your videos :)
    Hope you come back soon!

  7. Enjoy your Hermes blanket! would you consider doing a scarf collection video

  8. You are gorgeous! Red lipstick looks phenomenal on you!

  9. Breakfast Tiffany's

    Love love your Hermes blankie 💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Lol! 😂 being short has finally paid off for me…you're so funny!

  11. You sure do have a pretty mouth.

  12. Subscribe please :)

  13. Almost $1000 for a BABY blanket? What?

  14. great idea to get kid blanket for my size as well. Thanks for sharing!

  15. mslovepeacemakeup

    Great items 💋 So thrilled for you on the avalon blanket, I LOL'ed when you were explaining it. I'm also short so the kid's size is a good alternative 😱 Happy belated birthday, I just subbed because you're so funny and refreshing 😊😊

  16. happy bday! i actually love the colors of the kids Hermes avalon! Anyway possible to send or post a picture of it laid out to see how the size looks? or perhaps in another video, i am quite sure it would make a favorites! enjoy you fun goodies!

  17. Jasmine Guerrero

    Can you show the size of the Blanket? I am 5'2 and I was cnsidering purachsing the throw blanket but this size is almost 600 US dollars cheaper. Please advise. Perhaps you can post it on IG? if so please tag @jazzielopez

  18. it's so cute how giggly you were over the hermes blankie c:

  19. Josephine .Larrazabal

    Omg i would love the Hermes blanket its gorgeous.

  20. Lucky, lucky girl – beautiful gifts :-)

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