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“5:40pm In Madagascar” By Kenzo Fragrance Review

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  1. Can wait for more reviews, I really enjoy your videos you describe the perfumes so precise.

  2. Oh, darling, thank you so much for dedicating the review!! And "5:40pm in Madgascar" is a weirdo, indeed!! What kind of fume would you expect from me? Hehe. In my opinion it is a fresh woody vanilla, not gourmand at all. I can recognize lotus, vanilla and cedar as the main notes, but Kenzo likes to play a lot with synthetic elements, so I suppose there are much more things going on this fume!! I have another bottle, and I like to wear it to swimm in the sea, because salty, marine notes make it more balanced and less harsh. But still bizarre, absolutely bizarre!! kkkk ;D x x x

  3. scorched grass and wood, sounds like a summer day in africa

  4. You look as though your expecting a brick through the window, you should be banging on the window shouting….dirty boy. hahahaha

  5. Go out there and kick his ass sea bass!! What was he doing??
    Nice review mate, interesting juice, great bottle!!

  6. Doing well mate! Oh only in airports? How exclusive! Scorched grass sounds good, and wood, mmm. Hey Tom have you tried many of Frederic Malle's? I am having so much trouble choosing one to buy (treating myself for my birthday in Juuuuune) I'm thinking En Passant. Also, do you like Loccitanes Eau de Baux (Beaux, as in your bird) I have a bottle if you want it, it is yummy but gives me a tonka headache :(

  7. It really is a lovely Saturday! Looking forward to more reviews, Handsome! TFS <3

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