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212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera Cologne/Fragrance Review (2006)

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  1. i´ve tried it at the airport (after paco rabanne and bleu de chanel) … and i liked it , but it was´t that precisely made in comparation with bleu de chanel …. it´s for everyday wearing or night out … it´s more like Le Male, but more modern, softer, not that synthetic and a bit of spicier … recommended! nothing agains it ….

  2. Thx for ur review :)
    You helped me a lot so now I know its not the best to give it a blind buy.

    Thx once more and best wishes from Austria

  3. انا سمعت اول الاغنيه قولت هو حاطت مهرجان لأوكا وأورتيجا ولا ايه 😀

  4. I love it, best perfume i had in years. And im a girl btw.

  5. I saw many reviews about the original 212 fragrance, did u smell the gucci pour homme II ? i think its best

  6. xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth


  7. i hate the spiciness what you talk about in a fragrenace, i own this one, but i guess when it mixes with my body odour, its like so epic for me… , just see how fragrances go with your skin guys!

  8. Please Review 212 VIP! thx, keep up the good work

  9. this is the first fragrance i ever bought and i love it

  10. Veselin Serafimov

    Please review 212 men vip.

  11. This REALLY does smell like JPG Le Male so much so it's uncanny

  12. really digging the middle eastern intro music! you're really keeping in touch with your roots, respest!

  13. Hahaha I love the Arab Money remix at the beginning

  14. Mark you go out of your way to pronounce frag names correctly, try the same here…..

  15. Treats and Threads youtube

    Kind of sweet and spicy. A mix. We sell this and people love it but my fav is original.

  16. just had a chance to smell this at Sephora a few days ago… smelled great.

  17. u look cute in this video . . .

  18. whats the song in this? i dig it :p

  19. This is PIT in a bottle… Well… NOT MINE… my pits are Loccitane's Eau de Bavx scented, btw … try the deodorant… aluminum free…

    But the top notes on this one makes me wanna change the name for 212 SO NOT SEXY MEN… this smells like arabian train wagon at the end of the day.

    I am a huge Puig's frags fan, like Chic, CH for men, 212 the original, and even puig's zara homme night, (which is cheap and awesome), he always put a spice on them… But 212 sexy men turns me off…

  20. Oh Lord i love this perfume, when i smell iit yum, ;P

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