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212 Men by Carolina Herrera Fragrance/Cologne Review (1999)

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  1. Adrian Padilla Mtz


  2. I literally wanted to go make popcorn stop the vid at 1 min.. lol 

  3. Definitley not a summer fragrance… ive been wearing allot of perfumes but to say this suites cold weather… it gives me headache in the heat… not a knock off of course…

  4. I been using it for a year and i love its summer scent..

  5. Hey Marc! Herrera by Carolina Herrera is awesome!!!! Can you do a review on it? 

  6. I close my eyes and im on a soccer field ready to score. Thats when I smell this. I like it and thats all that matters right

  7. Nicholas Hutchinson

    Hey Mark i just wanted to let you know that i think you're a great at what you do and i love your videos. I've been watching a lot lately, im in my 20s in college and just really getting into fragrances. your videos have been really informative and entertaining, it's cool to hear from others like you who have a shared love of fragrances. 😀 thankyou!

  8. Its a ny colonge

  9. LOL! 8:53 to 8:00 "cold glass of lemonade… no scratch that… Corona" :-)

  10. Great review , bt is the 212 vip any good , or the same

  11. I love 212 I bought that for my ex once at perfumania and I loved smelling it on him it smells like fruit loops to me

  12. 777 is actually not a fake, its just by another company

  13. Hi, is 212 men the same as 212 NYC or is that an alternate fragrance like 212 SEXY?

  14. its actually pronounced errera

  15. code? lol. I got myself an Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Cologne Gingembre for like 10USD at a night market. IT HAS A CODE! hahahahahaha

    (I knew it was a fake, but I simply purchased it just for the heck of it.). smells very similar to the original and it gave me a nice 5 hours

  16. is this good in an office setting???

  17. TheBloodMoneyHitman

    dude your kinda hyper in this video thias is the first time i hear u say shit

  18. Is there a difference between 212 MEN and 212 MEN NYC? My box says 212 MEN NYC on the front.

  19. hey can you please review the 212 vip?

  20. Ive been noticing that there are different colored bottles of this stuff. is .the smell different

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