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10 Least Loved Fragrances

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  1. Vicente Ortiz Jr.

    I don't like Tobacco Vanille as well,it's just not the way I like my tobacco blends.

  2. Mohammad Mazloom

    Funny you said TV made your stomach churn. I had a similar experience with terre dhermes. Can't wear it anymore! Haha! Even though I find some of your opinions different than mine, there just that. Opinions. And that's why I watch your vids. Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm not gonna lie :) I want to love Tobacco Vanille, but I can't. 1 spray is strong enough to get me nauseous. $220 for 50ml is quite hard to justify too. Nice list brotha!

  4. It just sounds like your journey is taking you down another road away from the tobacco notes? I myself love tobacco based fragrances as long as they're not too sweet. Tabac Rouge is just so sweet that it makes me sick feeling. I always 'thought ' i hated the rose note as well, but that was before i got my nose on noir de noir! Anyway, good video and have a wonderful 4th! 

  5. Fernando “Andy” Arroyo

    "I'm not gonna lie" dude, but the talking hand thing was brilliant!!
    I think a lot of other frag head reviewers should "definitely" do that! ;p
    Btw Chad "I'm not gonna lie" but you've got great hands & fingers, you should call up the Shopping Channel and get into the hand modeling thing! Lol ;)

  6. Nice Video,like your honesty.No matter what Cologne u wear, personality is what matters.

  7. I absolutely love Chads reviews and this is one of his best.  You know what.  Not every fragrance is great and stands tall above all of the others.  If every fragrance did stand taller than all the others they would be totem poles of infinity and we know thats just not true.

    Chad is absolutely the best fragrance reviewer in the community at resisting public opinion and telling it like he sees it.  He says I dont like Oud in the street smarts video at the Creed boutique.  He says Aventus is not his favorite.  And hes willing to stand up and take a bullet and say Tobacco Vanille isnt all "that".  And hes not falling over and panting at Escada Magnetism which Ive wanted to try but refused to buy at an inflated price.

    In some ways, I dont like that he has to be apologetic.  I like it when Spirit Bear just says I dont like Oud, moving on, next.

    Honestly, I dont agree with everything the Spirit Bear says but I find that hes one of the top 5 reviewers that I trust and that has opinions that agree closely with my own.  So to me, his nose is pretty good.  Chad defers to others a bit but his opinions hit like hammers and hes a force to be respected.

    Id like to see other people with the guts to hold up bottles that they bought and really dont like as much and are disappointed.  Ive refused to fall into the Tom Ford trap and when I see a reviewer talk about West Third Brands Tobacco 1812 fragrance, it catches my attention.

    Because, tobacco is a crappy smelly note.  And so is Oud.  It can be blended well by a master perfumier but sometimes you just have to admit that some of these guys arent as great as the hype trains claim.

    It takes big boots to stand on the track and hold a stop sign and say hold it pardner.  Chad is a man to fill those boots.

    And I hope other reviewers follow with their lists of disappointments and throw some niche and high end products into the mix.

  8. great video Chad, interesting take on some of these…

  9. Interesting video man, I enjoyed it!

  10. Aventus is nauseating to me… no apology needed

  11. Insurrection pure – sometimes it smells like spoiled cabbage- Does anyone experience this?

  12. I'm not seeing any dislikes so far, Chad :) btw, Herod and TV can occasionally cause nausea for me too. Eau de baux too. And mostly I enjoy the heck out if wearing them. So adverse reactions do happen from time to time

  13. I'm not gonna lie, I like this vid! :) so, you getting rid of all these frags? I wouldn't, your taste may change a year from now. Great job, again, Chad!

  14. Hey,I have a bad cold now and realize that when you are sick, scents seen even stronger and are not welcome to your senses. I put on Avant-garde, purchased on Man Loves Cologne'sc advice. I note hate it! If you want it I'll send it to you free! I recommend Eau d' Hadrien (not the absolute). Fresh herbal natural refreshing, and recognisable to a sick respiratory system. I enjoyed the moving bottles format, kind of like hockey pucks. Be well!

  15. You just like ruffling the Kings feathers dontcha. Your nose might be ultra sensitive to birch, because insurrection's birch is super mild compared to Aventus. .. I do agree with you on Gentleman Only. I really like the smell but longevity is not worth the purchase. 

  16. to each his own , wear what you like 

  17. Amazing video man, definitely you can't just love everything! 

  18. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Have you tried Versace Eros, OMG over glorified furniture polish on steroids .I get a little better longevity from Gentleman's Only , but yes, too bad. Cartier, to much rose , yes. TF TV, well, it's not for you anymore . I gave away Perry Ellis 360 Red. People love it, I did, but not anymore. Tooooo tooo strong.Great review.

  19. I like the "hate" videos better than the "rave" videos. Great job.

  20. Great video, agree on a few that I've smelled. CK sure need to get their act together. Tfs! 

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