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★Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden EDP Review★ #44 ★

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  1. Hey Natalie, That's a gr8 review of Medit!. I too bought this perfume in chemist warehouse on an offer of buy 1 get 1 free.On the first Spray, it was good for few seconds, but soon developed into that musty smell-I can relate it to a mixture of an incense+ bed-bug or to a Smell of a library with old books and codweb which has been fumigated with an Indian Incense.Ifelt dizzy for hours, vomitting sensation,palpitation etc!! But this is the scenario only in Australia.

    I took it to my mom in India and presented her both the bottles.But in Hot and Humid South India, it smells awesomely Aquatic and fruity!!.To my surprise, I also found tha tthe intense mustiness which you mentioned is totally absent..You won't believe me, I doused myself as often and finished two-thirds of 1 bottle..Only thing is the longevity which suffers…So I would say a perfume can act so differently in varied weather conditions..May be you take it with u on ur trip to india or Bali!!

  2. Stunning bottle xoxo

  3. I have one and the smell doesn't last at all and not so alluring at all….

  4. Love the color of the bottle! :)

  5. It is such a pretty colour bottle and blue is a definitely lovely colour on you.  
    That is nasty that someone sold you a musty old mattress, they smell like that if they haven't been used in years.  I love painting but it's tiring and smelly.  Hope your having a lovely weekend.  We are just sitting down to see the election and hoping for a big change lol :)♥

  6. nice bottle , to bad the scent didnt work for you

  7. Hello love!  Arghh too too bad the scent is not up to snuff but you look gorgeous holding the bottle.  xoxo

  8. Thanks for the heads up. Look forward to see what else you picked up. Ps I noticed today they had a Beckham gold edition , limited edition. First impression was great , think I might pick it up and repurchase Beckman homme.

  9. AGentlemansJourney

    I have been reluctant to try anything from this house because well…it's Elizabeth Arden which sounds kinda snooty. Whenever I came across a fragrance from this company it's always a cheapie so just don't know.

  10. Jeez wisteria and magnolia sound great but what a bummer… Pour it all out and use it as a vase  or a fragrant oil decanter. 

  11. I am totally with you on this one Natalee. The bottle is gorgeous, my 30 ml bottle looks like a brilliant blue sapphire cabochon. And the fragrance is a train wreck of a mish mash. I like your description, as if it was released by the perfumer before it was "ready." Not sure I'd even use it as a room spray :( But it would make a nice color accent in an all white or a turquoise bathroom. 

  12. Have you tried 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden? 

  13. Hello Nat.
    Oh man that is a bummer!! Why don't you try using it for a room spray? I have fallin out of love with my Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" and am currently using it as such!! Smells better in the air than on my body! If that mskes sense?? You have a stupendous weekend & take care!!

  14. Over50andFantabulous

    Natalee, thank you for sharing.  I trust your judgement on this.  

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