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★Eau de Gaga 001 by Lady Gaga Perfume Review ★ #43 ★

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  1. Love it

  2. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Awww thanks for the little shout out! :)

  3. Awesome review, I think I could pull this off by the sounds of it!

    Thanks for the review, I'll need to check this out! the bottle is awesome looking! I was expecting it to be made of meat…being a Gaga scent and all xD

  4. Awwww i miss your vids actually hehehe lady Gaga Yasss! Hehehe i like the scent! TFS! The pink top looks so nice with ur nude lippy,gawgeous as always ;-)

  5. It is a nice looking bottle and what a good price you got it for.  So good to have you back sista.  HUGS

  6. Love this stuff and I blame Ouch110 for getting me into this, yeah, this scent is nothing like what you would imagine, man juice surely? but still, great on a woman. What's more, I think you got It with the Tom Ford reference, there is something very TF about It, the only downside for me is longevity, my skin just seems to soak this juice up.

  7. Gaga tweeted that it's made out of 30 different natural ingredients including patchouli. It got discontinued the day of the American release… weird..

  8. As always, a great review Natalee. You always give honest and direct advice on your impressions of the fragrance. I admire Lady Gaga- she's an artist, not just a celebrity, with deep intellect and the ability to transform herself. So, I'll most definitely try out this on your wonderful recommendation. You look lovely  and serene!! x0x0 Glenda

  9. Lovely to see you back for your first Fragrance Friday.
    I like the sounds of a lime body spray :)♥

  10. Annie Labonte (Lady Annie's Decants)

    Hiya luv :=)    I must admit, the bottle is very elegant. I 'll give it a try because I am curious and I'll probably like it but I won't purchase it because I have so many citrusy scents , it's almost immoral….Thanks for sharing :=) xxx

  11. Great review . I tried it here in Perth where it's been flipping hot too. It's nice but have some similar vibe frags. Great to see u back. Ciao 

  12. Welcome back!

  13. Don't be nervous – we love you! Ok, I'm only at the beginning of the review but so far I love the bottle – very Chanel. Glad to get some of the finer details on that from you – e.g. the seams. Looked this up on fragrantica whilst listening (look what I've become!) and it does sound interesting. I actually really admire Lady Gaga as an artist. She brings out the former defensive theatre student/performing artist in me. Outstanding review, lovely and always good to end the week with you :) x

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